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2011-2014 Mustang Caster Camber Plates, Maximum Motorsports

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Benefits Provides the means to set the proper front alignment for your Mustang to have best performance and best tire wear. Lowered Mustangs can be aligned to factory specifications. Provides camber adjustment, which is otherwise not adjustable. Negative camber may be increased for competition. Provides caster adjustment, allowing correction of OEM production tolerances. Caster is otherwise not adjustable. Double-adjustable. Both camber and caster can be adjusted independently; adjusting one does not affect the other adjustment. Caster and camber are easily adjusted at the top of the strut tower. Spherical bearing mount eliminates deflection and precisely locates the strut shaft, while still allowing the articulation required for steering and suspension movement. Improves steering response and dynamic alignment stability by eliminating deflection allowed by the stock rubber-bushed upper strut mount. Bolts on. No drilling or cutting required.

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MM5CC6 $519.15