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1979-1998 Mustang Maximum Motorsports Sport Series Rear Lower Control Arms

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Maximum Motorsports Sport series Rear Lower Control Arms for the 1979-1998 Mustang improve traction and handling by reducing the unwanted deflection allowed by the stock soft rubber bushings and flexible stamped steel control arm. Unique MM 3-piece bushing at each end allows the articulation required for proper handling, and reduces the deflection that can cause wheel hop.

Fits 1979-1998 Mustang with solid rear axle. Includes spring perch and swaybar mount.

The brand new Sport series control arms have the same high quality that MM control arms have long been known for, but at a budget price.

How did you lower the price without affecting the quality? We reduced the number of features. We swapped out the expensive spherical bearings at the axle end of our Heavy-Duty Series in favor of our less-expensive 3-piece urethane bushing design. Otherwise, the Sport Series control arms are identical to the Heavy-Duty Series.

If your Mustang... Has over 400 rwhp: We recommend the MM Extreme-Duty control arms. Has under 400 rwhp, but is launched hard from a standing start, meaning a drag race style start from a dead stop, whether on the street or at the strip: We recommend the MM Extreme-Duty control arms.

Why not use the Sport control arms in those situations? For one reason: A higher power level will simply reduce the lifespan of the urethane bushings. Those situations may overload the urethane, leading to premature failure of the bushing. When you hit your Mustang's throttle pedal, all of the forces accelerating your car pass from the rear axle housing through the lower control arms and their bushings; that's what moves your Mustang forward. The harder the car accelerates on launch, the greater the forces on the lower control arm bushings. Higher forces lead to a shorter lifespan of the bushings. For example, with 400 rwhp in a street application the urethane bushings will last for many years. 800 rwhp, slicks, and high-rpm launching at the strip will reduce the lifespan to a single weekend.

Better by design Stress on the chassis torque-boxes is greatly reduced because the MM design allows proper articulation of the rear suspension. 3-piece urethane bushings allow articulation while reducing deflection and damping noise transmission. Large 2" diameter round steel tube design for highest strength.

Why do I need MM Rear Lower Control Arms? The stock Mustang rear lower control arms are fitted with very large, soft rubber bushings. Those bushings allow the axle to shift fore and aft, causing the toe of the rear tires to change. Toe changes cause instability as the rear of the car steers itself in unpredictable directions. The rubber bushings also allow axle wind-up during acceleration, which in turn causes wheel hop. MM Rear Lower Control Arms were designed by our engineering team to minimize fore/aft movement of the axle, while also retaining the suspension's ability to properly articulate. This improves performance without unnecessarily compromising ride quality or handling.

Potential torque-box damage is greatly reduced because the MM design allows the suspension to easily articulate. Manufactured by MM in San Luis Obispo, California.

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