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2015-2017 Ford Mustang Aluminum and Carbon Fiber Driveshafts

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So the 2015 Mustang now has an independent rear suspension (IRS) and the driveshaft is a little different than the S197 cars.

Although the factory one is still a 2 piece shaft, they are different in configuration.

Automatic uses a 4-bolt flange on the back of the trans but the Manual's (all of them) have a Guibo. What is a Guibo? its a rubber doughnut coupler like ones used in most European cars. They're put on to make the drivetrain smoother and more soft. But lets face it, soft in a performance car is well, kinda soft.

What The Driveshaft Shop has done is make a billet plate to eliminate the Guibo, then changed that end to a 108mm CV joint.

Why does DSS use the CV and not a slider like from a 4x4?

The reason is that DSS high-speed balances their driveshafts and found out years ago that the CV is more stable and less likely to have Harmonic issues.

Also the CV will have a much higher critical speed then a male/female slider.

We here at DSS have become a leading force in using CV's on Driveshafts in the aftermarket and have come a long way with how they are made and used.

What's great about this car being IRS is that there are no issues with angles, adjustable arms or ride height issues that can affect the drivetrain.

So there you have it, the new 2015 to 2017 Ford Mustang shafts from DSS.

Please Note - Emergency brake cable bracket clearance/ relocation may be necessary. Failure to check this clearance may damage the driveshaft and void the warranty

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Part # Price Model Transmission Material Size HP Rating
FDSH25A $1,935.93     GT Manual Aluminum 3.5 inch 900HP
FDSH25A6060 $1,935.93     GT 2008-2012 GT500 TR-6060 6spd Conversion Aluminum 3.5 inch 900HP
FDSH25AMAG $1,183.06     T-56 Magnum Conversion Aluminum 3.5 inch
FDSH25AMAGBILLET $1,185.53     GT T-56 Magnum XL Conversion Aluminum 3.5 inch
FDSH25C $3,011.44     GT Manual Carbon Fiber 3.25 inch 1000HP
FDSH25CHR6060 $1,720.83     GT 2008-2012 GT500 TR-6060 6spd Conversion Chromoly 3.5 inch
FDSH25CMAG $2,581.24     GT T-56 Magnum Conversion Carbon Fiber 3.25 inch
FDSH27A $1,935.93     Ecoboost Manual Aluminum 3.5 inch 1000HP
FDSH27C $3,011.44     Ecoboost Manual Carbon Fiber 3.25 inch 1000HP
FDSH42A $1,935.93     Ecoboost Automatic Aluminum 3.5 inch 1000HP
FDSH42C $2,553.46     Ecoboost Automatic Carbon Fiber 3.25 inch 1000HP
FDSH44A $1,828.39     GT Automatic Aluminum 3.5 inch 1000HP
FDSH44C $2,796.34     GT Automatic Carbon Fiber 3.25 inch 1000HP
FDSH44S $1,828.39     GT Automatic Chromoly 3.5 inch 2000HP
FDSH46A $1,935.93     V6 Automatic Aluminum 3.5 inch 1000HP
FDSH46C $2,688.80     V6 Automatic Carbon Fiber 3.25 inch 1000HP
FDSH47A $1,935.93     V6 Manual Aluminum 4 inch
FDSH48C $2,796.34     2016+ GT350 Carbon Fiber 3.8 inch 1000HP