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1979 to 2004 Full Length Subframe Connectors Maximum Motorsports

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New!! The XL Series Full-length Subframe Connectors are now available exclusively from MM. We have improved on the original MM Full-length Subframe Connector design with these extra-long, extra-strong subframe connectors.

  • Maximum Motorsports created the first "Full-length" subframe connectors many years ago. This is yet another MM product that others have copied. Beware of the copycats—MM's are still the best quality. We have now improved on our original design by increasing the length and height of the connector tube. The resulting XL Series connector is much stiffer than any other subframe connector.

  • The MM Full-Length Connectors stiffen the chassis far more than our standard connectors. The taller tubing of the new XL Series creates a connector that is 95% stiffer than the standard subframe connector. The XL connector tubing is 53% stiffer than our previous Full-length subframe connectors. Beware of connectors from companies who lack the engineering expertise to design their own products. Some have copied our previous design. The new XL Series connectors are 53% stiffer than those copies.

  • The increased length, method of attachment, and stiffer tubing of the XL Series connector means there is no need for jacking rails. Because of the strength of our tubing; you can lift the car by placing a jack anywhere along the length of the connector tube!

  • The new XL Series Full-length Subframe Connectors extend from the rear lower control arm attachment point on the rear subframe all the way up to the firewall. This provides substantially more weld area between the connector and the chassis than other connectors. At 65", the extra length, increased number of attachment points, and extra height in the tubing make this the stiffest subframe connector available.

  • The XL Series Full-length Subframe Connectors are made of 1.5" x 2" x .083" wall thickness rectangular tubing. The thinner wall tubing is used to lessen the weight, while the taller dimension increases stiffness by 95% over our standard connectors.

  • We add reinforcing plates at each bend to prevent the flexing that would otherwise occur with the thinner wall tubing.

  • We seal the tubing by welding on end caps to prevent moisture from getting inside the connector and rusting them from the inside out.

  • Our connectors are custom shaped to hug the floor pan of your Mustang for maximum ground clearance.

  • The MM XL Series Full-Length Subframe Connectors have seat braces that are to be welded to the connector tube during installation. This customizes the fitment to match the car. This is the best method to account for variations in the floor pan.

  • Either a powder coated or bare steel finish is available.

When we started designing the XL Series connectors, we looked at quite a number of Mustangs. We carefully designed the XL Series connectors to not hang any lower than the lowest part of the car—the exhaust system. The XL Series are no closer to the ground than the stock mufflers, and match the minimum ground clearance of the OEM Ford connectors on the late model SN95 convertibles. At no point along their length do the XL Series connectors hang lower than the exhaust system.

1996-98 Cobras will require modifications to the transmission crossmember mounting flanges. See supplemental information about this in the consumer instructions

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